You need to install AutoHotkey and this .ahk script.

For the first time you will need to provide settings to the script such as POE folder path and hotkey combination. After this setup you are ready to go!

Regarding POE folder, this folder script needs to read the chat logs to parse current location. Usually this file placed at /logs/Client.txt in the POE directory, but i am not 100% sure. If you use steam version, find your POE folder in steamapps/common.


In-game when you are entering any zone, just look at the zone mods, hit the hotkey and select button corresponding to this mod. That's it, you're awesome! Thank you!


This is very first version of the script, so issues are very possible. Please, let me know if there any errors. You can use feedback form or github repo to report the issue.

Q: It does not works with Russian/Spanish/Elven POE Client

A: Yep, this is alpha version, but in the future i want to add support of all languages.

Q: I have an error "Memory limit reached"

A: It means that the file Client.txt in %POE_FOLDER%/logs/ is very large. Best solution is to remove this file if you dont need the history of your chat logs. Or you can open the script (poe_tracker.ahk) in the editor and change the first line from #MaxMem 256 to #MaxMem 512 but in the future the problem may repeat. Looks like Path of Exile does not have logs rotation.